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Investiere nachhaltig

Iven Kurz
Founder of EVERGREEN

What do you need to consider when investing sustainably?

October 19, 2022 17:00
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How to invest sustainably

EVERGREEN is a sustainable asset manager with digital wealth management (e.g. Robo-Advisor). As the only B Corp asset manager in Germany EVERGREEN focuses on sustainable investing (in an ecological as well as an economical way for the customers). Iven has worked as a fund manager for over 15 years before he founded EVERGREEN.

What is about to happen?

In this webinar Iven will explain to you, what sustainable investing is and where the differences are within sustainable investments.

Also you will hear what common mistakes people make when investing (especially when investing sustainable) and how to avoid those mistakes.

Last but not least it is about your question and what you want to know about investing (in any way). It is your chance to ask the expert and Iven will openly answer any question.