Meet the Brands: Introducing Our First Wave Of FutureBens Partners

Lauren Grant

July 9, 2021


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Meet the Brands: Introducing Our First Wave Of FutureBens Partners

Part of our mission at FutureBens is to bring like-minded brands  together, carefully curated all in one place. 

With our portfolio of sustainable brands growing, we’d like to introduce you to the first wave of companies we are excited to have on board with us. From activewear, to cosmetics and hygiene products, get to know some of our first ‘Haus’ favorites – all thoughtfully made and produced consciously. 

Ethically made activewear and essentials. 

Category: Clothing

Brand: Organic Basics

We might be worried about plastic-free bags, vegetables and even water, but what about plastic-free underwear? Introducing Organic Basics. With a strong focus on ethical production, the Danish-born clothing brand is on a mission to clean up the “dirty” fashion industry and make essentials eco-friendly. Sourced and made in Europe, you can find all the essentials you need, from swimwear and underwear, to socks and leggings, made entirely from either organic cotton, TENCEL™, or fully recycled materials. Organic Basics also use renewable energy in their supply chain, specifically to reduce their climate impact. Making it easier to ditch less eco-friendly materials like polyester that rely on fossil fuels and can’t be recycled.

Taboo-busting, plastic-free female hygiene products. 

Category: Hygiene Products

Brand: The Female Company

Redefining FemHealth one tampon at a time, The Female Company is giving periods – and women’s health – a new, outspoken look. All period products are compostable, plastic-free and carbon neutral, made entirely from organic cotton. Recommended by gynecologists and developed with midwives, The Female Company products are also local and made exclusively in Austria and Germany. What’s more every box of period products  commissions their Pads For Girls programme which distributes washable cloth pads in India, for free. They also have categories for mothers, health and pleasure. Including a bespoke period cramp Survival Kit.

Award-winning natural cosmetics since 1978.

Category: Cosmetics

Brand: i+m NATURKOSMETIK Berlin

i+m was initially started by two midwives in Kreuzberg, Berlin back in 1978 and today they’ve applied their deep knowledge of natural cosmetics to create a fair trade, cruelty-free brand that has won the German Sustainability Award for two years straight (in 2019 and 2020). Dubbing themselves “true organic pioneers”, i+m cosmetics are rooted in four key principles: fair, organic, vegan and brave. All of their products use the smallest possible consumption of resources and are 100% natural cosmetics, cold pressed and free of silicones, paraffins and microplastics. Their standard range is even certified by COSMOS ORGANIC, Vegan Society, Cruelty Free and Climatepartner. And with every purchase, 25% is donated to their Fair Initiatives projects. 

Upcycled modern clothing, made from trash.  

Category: Clothing 

Brand: Moot 

Founders and true Berliners Nils and Michael started Moot, a clothing brand on mission to set a good example for the industry in highlighting how truly sustainable and fairly produced clothing should be the standard, rather than the exception. Made entirely in Berlin, Moot breeds new life and value into discarded materials, and ‘turns textile waste into new, fair mainstream clothing’. From t-shirts to trousers to bags, all clothing at Moot is made from 100% trash and directly supports their social institution partners – as well as slow fashion.

Radically transparent, zero–compromise clothing. 

Category: Clothing

Brand: ASKET

Meet ASKET, a clothing brand whose promise is to restore meaning to essential garments and disregard the notion of seasonal collections, by making natural pieces that are made to last. Displaying their origin, impact and full cost, ASKET specifically aims to be radically transparent in their approach to clothing: they’ve created their own size system that takes into account a more inclusive range of people. And they’ve set up a Lifestyle Responsibility programme that cares for and repairs broken clothing, even rewarding customers for returning their unwanted garments. The goal is to be zero-compromise in their ethics and ultimately embody ‘the pursuit of less’ preventing clothing from ending up in landfill, to put a stop to the finite lifecycle in the industry. 

Rescue organic produce, delivered straight to your door. 

Category: Fruit & Vegetables

Brand: etepetete

1.3 billion tonnes of food gets wasted or thrown away every year. More often than not, it’s because the fruit and vegetables produced don’t match up to perfect supermarket aesthetic standards. At etepetete, these imperfect fresh fruits and vegetables are rescued from farm to door – no matter how wonky or not wonky they might be – ready to be delivered to you. Choose from different box sizes and options to get climate-neutral, plastic-neutral organic tasty produce that would otherwise have been thrown away. They’ve already been able to save 2,746,558 kg of imperfect organic fruit and vegetables that do not quite meet the norm, and counting!

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